Walking in the Danube Delta and Lake District

Akkerman fortress Church, Izmail Penduline Tit Kislitsky, floodplain forest

In the footsteps of the Scythians, Goths and Attila the Hun

The vast open steppes of southern Ukraine have been a migration corridor for nomandic peoples moving westwards from Persia and central Asia, seeking fresh pastures for their sheep and horses. Beginning from around 650 BC, these  "barbarian" hordes encountered the coastal settlements established by Greek and later Roman traders, as well as Vikings sailing down the great rivers from the north. 

Then came the Mongol invasion, followed by the establishment of the Russian Empire, bordering Byzantine Empire. The succesive wars, dispersal and intermingling between the tribes and nations laid the foundations for modern European civilization and culture.

Our walking tours in the Danube Delta and Lake District are designed to give a flavour of these events, end their continuing influence on the present-day communities in the region. Whether exploring a Scythian butial mound, Roman road, Turkish fort, German church, Russian monastery or Soviet-era collective farm, you will be enveloped in the historical atmosphere of the place...More...