Tiligul Landscape Park

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Nomad Trails and Cossack Countryside

Tiligul Landscape Park is a spectacular area of wetlands and meadows lying by the coast just an hour from centre of Odessa. It is actually a river estuary or liman (from the Greak word for a harbour): since the Black Sea has no tide, the mouths of rivers are always full of water. A particular feature of the park is the profusian of steppe plants that grow along its gently sloping banks - the vivid colours catch the eye and culinary scents of thyme, mint and sage fill the air with a rich aroma. In many places there are large patches of feather-grass, called Stripa, whose long whispy fronds wave in the breeze like silvery water, changing of terns and gulls breeding on the islands, making raucous cries as they bring in fish for their chiks and jostle for space. There is even a colony of shelduck, which nest in burrows in the banks of liman.

There are also a number of archaeological sites and more recent historic settlements wiithin the Park. The whole of the southern steppe region of Ukraine was a nomandic corridor for centures: pastoralists from Asia going back to the 6th Century BC, wandering gradually westwards with their herds of sheep, cattle and horses - and always followed by another restless wave (including the Scythians, Goths, Huns, Mongols and finally the Khazars). ..More...