Danube Delta Duet: Ukraine and Romania

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One Delta: Two countries

Very few people realise that the Danube delta actually straddles the border between Romania and Ukraine, and that both sides are designated as a cross-border Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Together with our Romanian partner, Tioc Reisen, we bring you the uniqe chance to explore the whole delta and enjoy the best that each country has to offer in terms of wonderfull wildlife and fascinating folklore.

The Ukrainian delta features the historic town of Vilkovo, founded by Russian Orthodox "Old Believer" Lipovans and Ukrainian Cossacks. It was founded in 1775, on the northern Kilia branch of the Danube, close to the shore where the inhabitants made a living from fishing (especially for herring and sturgeon). However, the Kilia part of the delta is its fastest growing area, extending several metres into the Black Sea every year. After some 235 years, Vilkovo now lies 12 km inland! In Vilkovo, you can observe how the inhabitants have developed a distinctive lifestyle to survive in the delta of a mighty river that can rise by two metres or more in a few days. Everything, from constructing a house and growing food, to visiting the neighbours and doing the laundry, is in tune with the rhythm of river.

Combined with surrounding steppes and forests, and views across to the Macin Mountains in Romania, the landscapes here are breathtaking. Birds around in the air, and susliks scuttle through the flowery meadows. And whether you are exploring a Scythian burial mound, Roman road, Turkish fort, German church, Russian monastery or Soviet-era collective farm, you will be enveloped in the historical atmosphere of the place. 

In addition to all the sights and beautiful natural surroundings, you can also savour the diverse local cusine, wines and folklore... More...