Birdwatching in the Danube Delta and Lake District

Dneister river delta Kagul Paddyfield Warbler Red-footed Falcon White Pelican, Danube Delta

A week in Europe's most dynamic river delta

The Danube Delta and Lakes District is situated 200 km south-west of Odessa. It ranks among top biodiversity sites in Europe, exhibiting its most natural complex of wetlands, steppes, steppe-forests and riverine forests. Over 220 species of birds have been recorded here.

We will explore the heart of the delta where we can see almost all the European heron species in large numbers as well as White and Dalmatian Pelicans, Pygmy Cormorants, and White-tailed Eagle.

The lakes west of the delta comprise the largest natural waters in Ukraine, comparable with Neusiedlersee or Balaton. They support high numbers of Black-necked Grebe, Ferruginous Duck, Red-crested Pochard, Whiskered Tern and Penduline Tit.

Other birds that are commonly encountered in the wider countryside of undulating steppes, vineyards and extensive farmland include Red-footed Falcon, Syrian Woodpecker, Roller, Bee-eater, Hoopoe, Lesser Grey Shrike, Pied Wheatear, Paddyfield Warbler and Eastern Olivaceous Warbler.

Tour programme:

Day 1: Assemble in Odessa. Visit to coastal area. Stay in Odessa.

Day 2: Travel to Izmail via the Dniester Delta, Akkerman Fort and Aliaga steppe (we stay in Izmail thoughout the period).

Day 3: Visit to "Isles of Izmail" landscape park in the River Danube.

Day 4: Visit to Lakes Kugurlui and Kartal.

Day 5: Visit to Lakes Yalpug and Kagul.

Day 6: Tour of the Danube floodplain marshes and forests to Black Sea coast.

Day 7: Tour inside the Danube Delta from Vilkovo to "O km".

Day 8: Return to Odessa via coastal lagoons at Sasyk and Tuzli. Departure.