Gastronomic Tour ~ Bessarabian Cuisine 4 days

Mamaliga Fish soup Banitsa

Wonderful food and beautiful nature - what could be better!

In our gastronomic tour you will sample delicious dishes

characteristic of Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian and

Gagauz local cuisines, which together make up a unique 

 Bessarabian eating experience.


Our journey begins in Odessa and proceeds via short stops

at Tatarbunary and Aliaga to our first destination: the small but

very interesting nature reserve of Vinogradovka beside Lake

Yalpug where we will have a Gagauzian style lunch.

Then we go to Cahul, in Moldova, to visit the museum before we

settle down for a Moldovan repast.



After a tasty Moldovan breakfast, we will travel south beside

the River Prut which forms the border with Romania. We will pause at Lake Beleu in

the beautiful Lower Prut Nature Reserve to enjoy a Moldovan picnic - a truly

wonderful combination of food and nature. Later, we continue to Tulcea for dinner at

the Select Restaurant – the best cooking in the Romanian delta.



In the morning we will visit Tulcea’s modern aquarium where we can
watch Danube sturgeons graceful
ly cruising in a huge tank –
htaking! Then on to the convent at Cilik Dere for a
picnic -
t the foot of a mountain with a completely magical atmosphere! And
in the evening we will be in Reni for our dinner - in B



Following a typical Bessarabian breakfast, we follow an ancient Roman road

between Lakes Kartal and Kugurlui to a spot used many times in history

by armies to cross the Danube. Here, we will see how the traditional

“Uha” soup is prepared from fish freshly caught in Lake Kugurlui. That will

more than fortify us for the last leg of our trip back to Odessa.


Price: on request