Ecotour: Danube, Prut and Macin Mountains 5 days

Kugurlui Macin Mountains Danube

Day 1 In Ukraine - through the Danube floodplain visiting the beautiful and wildlife-wealthy Lakes Kartal and Kugurlui - it is no accident that they listed as internationally important Ramsar sites. Night in Reni.

Day 2 In Moldova - at the Lower Prut nature reserve in the floodplain of the River Prut - also a Ramsar site, and the pride of Moldova. Night in Slobozia Mare.

Day 3 In Romania – a tour in the Macin Mountains National Park, part of Europe’s oldest mountain chain, and covered with virgin forests – I never dreamed to see such mountains in my life!. Night in Macin.

Day 4 In Romania – a lovely morning in Macin Mountains National Park, followed by visits to the towns of Braila and Galaţi in the afternoon. Night in Reni. 

Day 5 In Ukraine again - by the Danube at Izmail fortress. Return to Odessa.

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