Petru Rares road Cocos Monastery Struve Meridian

DAY 1  Our first stop is in Tatarbunary - the former capital of the Tatar khans – and the second in the Sacred Valley of the Scythian kings, which lies beside the route of Trajan’s Wall: the north-eastern limit of the Byzantine Empire. We will have a picnic in the Pushkin Park at Bolgrad, and then make our fourth stop at Vulcanesti to see the monument to the Battle of Cahul. Tour in Cahul. Night in Cahul.

DAY 2  We spend all day beside rivers - first following the River Prut to its confluence with the Danube, and then along the Danube itself. In Moldova, we have four stations: at Trajan’s Wall, the site of the largest Mastodon finds in Europe, on the road of Petru Rareş and in the Lower Prut nature reserve, where we have a picnic. Later in the afternoon we cross the Prut to Romania, and then across the Danube by ferry to spend the night in Tulcea.

DAY 3  After a tour in Tulcea (which was founded in the 7th Century) we proceed to Isaccea (site of Noviodinum Fortress) and two very interesting religious places – Chilik Dere convent and Cocoş monastery. We return to Ukraine via Galaţi and spend the night in Reni.

DAY 4  Travelling along an ancient Roman road we come to the historic point for crossing the Danube – used for example by Emperor Darius, Khan Asparuh and Tsar Nikolai I among others. We then visit Izmail fortress where we will have a picnic. Our third stop is at the terminal point of the Struve Meridian - one of only two sites in Ukraine on the World Heritage List. From here we
return to Odessa.

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